FAQ about Linking Platform Account

How do I link an platform account?

Select the platform account you want to link from your Account page to start the linking process.
CAPCOM ID Account Page

Note: A video guide on how to link your CAPCOM ID to your platform accounts.

Can I change the platform accounts linked to my CAPCOM ID?

Platform accounts linked to a CAPCOM ID cannot be changed once linked. Similarly, platform accounts unlinked from a CAPCOM ID cannot be linked to any other CAPCOM ID.
Note: Deleting your CAPCOM ID account will not erase your account linkage history.

For any issues arising from linked accounts, please contact us via the inquiry form.
Inquiries Concerning CAPCOM IDs

Can multiple platform accounts be linked to a single CAPCOM ID?

You can link different types of platform accounts to your CAPCOM ID.
However, you can only link one platform account of each type.

Can multiple CAPCOM IDs be linked to a single platform account?

You cannot link the same platform account to multiple CAPCOM IDs.


What is a CAPCOM ID?

A CAPCOM ID is a unified ID for Capcom's games and services.

How do I use a CAPCOM ID?

Select an email address to log in to CAPCOM ID, then go to the sign-up page to register a new account.
You can register from the web browser on your PC or smartphone.
CAPCOM ID Account Registration Page

Do CAPCOM ID services cost anything?

It is completely free to register for a CAPCOM ID.
Individual games and services that use CAPCOM ID may cost money, so be sure to check the associated terms of each service for more info.

What kinds of games and services does CAPCOM ID work with?

CAPCOM ID is used by Capcom's games and game websites, as well as various other services.
Additional services are scheduled to be added to CAPCOM ID in the future.
See a list of CAPCOM ID-related services here.

Can I share a CAPCOM ID account with other family members?

CAPCOM ID is for individual use only.
Please refrain from sharing your account with anyone, including family members.

What are the system requirements for using CAPCOM ID?

Please refer to this page.
System Requirements

Regarding Analysis and/or Assessment with Respect to CAPCOM ID

Recently, numerous countries and regions have strengthened or added laws and ordinances regarding the handling of data, which may impact our provision of CAPCOM ID services. Our company is committed to providing users with easy-to-use services as well as further improving these services, while firmly abiding by the applicable laws and ordinances. Therefore, in accordance with our above commitment, we will be taking the following measures to continue to provide high-quality CAPCOM ID services:

For countries and regions which its personal data protection law (or regulation) stipulates “analysis or assessment of activities of a natural person” as a requirement for extraterritorial application of such personal data protection law, and our company determines that we are unable to strictly comply with such law, we will not conduct analysis, assessment, or similar actions to personal information of individuals who is in such countries or regions.

Note: Some CAPCOM ID service features may be restricted for users in affected countries and/or regions, because analysis or assessment activities are not conducted. If such restrictions should occur, we will notify you at a separate time.

Account Registration

How can I register for a CAPCOM ID?

You can register an account from the sign-up page.
CAPCOM ID Account Registration Page

Membership Registration Flow
1. Select the user registration tab, and begin the procedure by entering the email address and password you wish to register, then confirm.
2. An identity verification email will be sent to the email address you entered in step 1. Please click the registration link included in the email. This will take you to the main registration screen.
3. On the main registration screen, please enter your nickname, country/region, date of birth, and gender.
4. Finally, agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, and complete registration.

Note: A video guide on how to register a CAPCOM ID is also available.

I entered the wrong email address when registering for a CAPCOM ID.

Please follow the steps below to enter the correct email address and re-register. All information entered during the initial, provisional registration will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

1. Click/tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen to open the menu. (The lines will not appear on the page showing the confirmation email has been sent. Click/tap the CAPCOM ID logo in the upper left to go to the home page.)
2. Click/tap "Log Out" at the very bottom of the menu to log out.
3. After logging out, click/tap "Return to the CAPCOM ID Home page" to return to the home page.
4. Use the "Sign Up" button to re-register with the correct email address.

How do I delete my CAPCOM ID?

You can begin the deletion process from the account deletion page.
If you delete your CAPCOM ID, any platform accounts you have linked to it cannot be linked to a different CAPCOM ID (even if you create a new one). Be sure to read the warnings on each page of the account deletion process.
CAPCOM ID Account Deletion Page

I deleted my CAPCOM ID, but want to use it again - can I get my data back?

All account data and personal information is erased upon account deletion, so data from deleted accounts cannot be restored.

Logging In

How do I log in to my account?

You can log in from the log-in page.
You must enter the registered email and password for your account to log in.

I forgot my CAPCOM ID password.

You can select "Forgot your password?" on the log-in page to reset your password.

I forgot the ID for my CAPCOM ID.

Your ID is the email address used to register your account.
Try looking for the email you received when you signed up for the account.
Be aware that for the protection of your personal information, our customer support staff cannot tell you your registered email address.

Registration Information

What is my Account page used for?

On your Account page, you can view and edit information registered to your CAPCOM ID and manage links with platform accounts.

How do I edit my account information?

After logging in, you can edit individual data fields from your profile.
Please note that your birth date cannot be changed after registration.

What is "Account History"?

This displays how long it has been since you first registered your CAPCOM ID.
You can view this information from the menu in the upper right corner of the screen.


What is a nickname?

Your nickname is the name that will be shown in games and web services that support CAPCOM ID.

How do I change my nickname?

You can change your nickname from your Account page.
If you change your nickname, you will not be able to change it again until 30 days have passed.
CAPCOM ID Account Page

Two-Factor Authentication

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication makes it so that logging in requires not only an ID and password, but also an authentication code that only you can use. Since this makes it impossible to log in with just an ID and password, it can strengthen the security of your account.

How can I set up two-factor authentication?

You can do this from your Account page.
Setting up two-factor authentication requires the use of a smartphone or tablet, and an authenticator app. Please have the app installed before beginning the setup process.
We generally recommend the following authenticator apps:
• Google Authenticator
• Microsoft Authenticator

How do I change devices if I have two-factor authentication set up?

Before switching to your new device, cancel the two-factor authentication on your current device and then set it up again on your new one.
Please note that if you do not cancel the two-factor authentication on your current device before switching to another, you will not be able to log in on your new device.

You can cancel the two-factor authentication from your Account Page.
CAPCOM ID Account Page


I have not received other procedure mails from CAPCOM ID.

If you do not receive other emails from CAPCOM ID, please check the following points.

• If servers are congested, it may take some time for mails to be sent. Please allow some time for mail delivery.
• Depending on the email software and security settings, mails from CAPCOM ID may be mistakenly sent to the "spam" or "junk" folders. Please check your spam/junk folders for any missing emails.
• Please whitelist the domain "" if possible.
• Please check that you have entered the correct email address.

If after checking the above points, you still cannot receive emails from CAPCOM ID, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please consider using an alternate email address.

What should I do if I received an email from CAPCOM ID by mistake?

It is possible that another user mistakenly entered your email address.
You can either delete the email, or make an inquiry to the contact address at the bottom of this page.

Where can I ask a question about CAPCOM ID?

If you have an issue that was not covered in this FAQ, please send an inquiry to the contact address at the bottom of this page.
Unfortunately we can only provide you with support in Japanese or English.

Under certain conditions, cannot log in because "Cannot open the page." is displayed.

While using Safari to open websites that require logging in with a CAPCOM ID, "Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred." may be displayed instead of the website.

If this error message appears, try logging in via the login button on the upper right on the CAPCOM ID portal site, then access the desired page again.


If you have an issue that is not addressed in the FAQ, Please contact us from here.