CAPCOM ID is a single unified account that can be used to manage various Capcom games and web services.
Anyone can sign up to create an account and start using it for free.

Linking Platform Accounts

Link your CAPCOM ID to platform accounts for even more fun! Follow the steps below to link an account.

STEP① Log in and access your Account Page

First, log in and go to your Account Page.
Note: Your Account Page will be displayed as soon as you log in.

▼ Account Page

STEP② Press the "Link" button

Scroll down on your Account Page to find "Platform account links". Press the "Link" button for the platform account you want to link.
Note: A video guide on how to link your CAPCOM ID to your platform accounts.

▼ "Platform account links" on Your Account Page

STEP③ Press the "Link with XXX" button

Before linking an account, be sure to read the warnings. Then, press the "Link with XXX" button.

▼ Ex: Linking with PlayStation™Network

STEP④ Log in with an platform account

You will be taken to the login page for the platform account you are trying to link. Once there, enter that account's information.

Note: Do not to enter account information for an account other than the one you want to link. Once you link an account, you cannot link another.

STEP⑤ The platform account link is complete

Your platform account should now be linked. To confirm, make sure the account you've linked says "Linked" when viewed on your Account Page.

▼ Ex: PlayStation™Network Link Complete

▼ "Platform account links" on Your Account Page