CAPCOM ID Usage Guide

CAPCOM ID is a single unified account that can be used to manage various Capcom games and web services.
Anyone can sign up to create an account and start using it for free.

Transferring your CAPCOM Account

Users who created CAPCOM Accounts before October 1, 2020 must transfer their accounts.

STEP 1: Create a CAPCOM ID

Before performing the transfer, you will need a CAPCOM ID to transfer your account to.
If you do not have a CAPCOM ID, please sign up for an account.

STEP 2: Transfer your CAPCOM Account

Once you've obtained a CAPCOM ID, you can begin the CAPCOM Account transfer process. Log in to your CAPCOM Account and follow the instructions provided.

STEP 3: Transfer complete

The account transfer is complete.

If you do not have a CAPCOM ID:

Use this button to sign up for a CAPCOM ID and perform the account transfer process.

If you already have a CAPCOM ID:

You can perform account transfers via the button at the bottom of your Account page.